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Heatwave: red alert remains in force in Antwerp and Limburg

Credit: Belga

The Royal Meteorological Institute’s (RMI) red alert will remain in force on Wednesday in the provinces of Antwerp and Limburg due to the high temperatures.

Code red requires everyone to “take action to bring yourself, others and, if possible, your possessions to safety and follow government advice strictly.”

In the other provinces, an orange will be in force on Wednesday.

On Thursday, an orange alert at the most will be issued across the country, the MRI said on Tuesday.

At such very high temperatures, it is important to drink regularly and eat easily digestible food, dress more lightly, spend the day in cooler areas, keep windows and doors closed and monitor your health, according to the RMI.

In case of dehydration, it is recommended to use wet wipes and to avoid direct sunlight.

The Brussels Times