Brussels theatre hit by burglary just days after opening

Brussels theatre hit by burglary just days after opening
Illustration picture Credit: Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 2.0)

A Brussels theatre was hit by a burglary just days after its official opening last week, with the perpetrators making off with thousands of euros in equipment.

The thieves broke into Théâtre du Midi, located in the busy Avenue Lemonnier, and made off with a lot of technical equipment and material.

The burglary at the central Brussels theatre took place on the night of Friday to Saturday, just two days after its official reopening in what the theatre director described as a blow to the venue.

“Two days after we officially reopened, this burglary is a blow in the face,” director Mohammed Saadane told Bruzz. “Right now we want to show that the cultural sector lives and connects… but then this happens.”

Burglars made off with tens of thousands of euros worth of technical equipment and material such as sound system gear and screens, Le Soir reports.

“It’s terrible,” he added. It remains so far unclear how the thieves got into the building.

Police are still looking for the perpetrators and will analyse security camera footage to attempt to identify and track them down.

Despite the looting, the theatre was able to go forward with planned shows on Sunday and said the event would not alter the coming programming at a time when cultural venues in Brussels are struggling to make ends meet.

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