‘Give me my sauce or I’ll call the cops’: Belgian woman threatens McDonald’s after order mistake

‘Give me my sauce or I’ll call the cops’: Belgian woman threatens McDonald’s after order mistake
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A Belgian McDonald’s has made news across the country after a widely shared video shows a woman threatening staff for a mistake with her order.

The incident, which happened on Saturday evening in the East Flemish municipality of Sint-Niklaas, was seemingly sparked by a member of staff forgetting to give a woman the sauce she asked for.

Two people in a car filmed the scene while the woman continues to threaten the staff members for not giving her the sauce she ordered, all the while calling them names such as “dirty whore” and “dirty son of a whore.”

In the video, she repeatedly stresses that she asked a female employee if her whole order was in the bag she received. As the employee confirmed that everything was there, she started driving “all the way back to Sint-Niklaas” with her children, before one of them discovered that the sauce was missing.

The male staff member proceeds to tell her that they have camera footage of when she hit his female colleague, to which the woman responds that she does not care. “Give me my sauce, I paid for it,” she said. “My children do not eat fries without sauce.”

When the man asks her for her receipt, she threatens to call the police if he does not “put down the sauce right here in front of [her].” The staff member tells her to “please, go ahead and do that,” adding that he will already start calling.

The woman continues to call the employees names, asking them “who they think they are” when the male employee asks her to wait for a few moments.

The video was recorded by different customers, who also attempted to intervene. After realising she was being filmed, the woman took his phone off the closest man, demanding that he removed the video and threatening to call her brother, before the video cuts off.

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