Bpost resumes delivering all packages at home

Bpost resumes delivering all packages at home
Credit: Belga

Bpost will deliver all packages at home again instead of asking some people to pick up their mail at a so-called postal point, Minister for Public Enterprises Petra De Sutter told the House on Tuesday.

A peak in mail during the second coronavirus lockdown forced Bpost to have some clients pick up their mail rather than have it delivered, which seven out of ten customers affected agreed to.

The remaining 30% got their packages delivered at home with a few days’ delay.

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The disappointment surrounding the postal service’s capacity problem caused Bpost to act “as it should” to face the problems, De Sutter said.

Bpost has hired 3,000 additional staff in the meantime, though it is not known how many of those new staffers have received fixed contracts.

In addition, the post started a temporary sorting centre and bought portable scanners, VRT reports.

Jason Spinks
The Brussels Times

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