Flemish police will use drones during end-of-year holidays

Flemish police will use drones during end-of-year holidays
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Drones will be flown over several Flemish municipalities during the end-of-year celebrations, as police strive to ensure coronavirus regulations are followed.

The police zone of Carma, eastern Flanders, will deploy the drones to facilitate enforcement of the coronavirus ban on setting off fireworks.

A megaphone-equipped drone will be among the fleet deployed by police, and will be used to transmit warnings to those found or suspected to be breaking the rules.

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The drones will also be equipped with heat cameras which will allow police to monitor that residents in the area, bordering the Netherlands, are respecting limits to the ban on gathering, Metro reports.

During the spring, the Carma police zone had already used their drones for surveillance of the coronavirus rules, and the devices had also been employed last year to detect illegal firework displays.

Residents who are caught in violation of the coronavirus rules will risk a fine of €250.

According to the measures announced by the government, residents who have a garden, yard, or terrace can have up to four guests on Christmas Eve provided they remain outside at all times, even to come in, meaning the hosting home would have to be one with separate and direct access to the garden.

Residents living alone will be allowed to receive up to two guests both on 24 and 25 December.

The same relaxations do not apply on New Year's Eve.

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