Things will now get better or worse, that’s up to us, Van Gucht says

Things will now get better or worse, that’s up to us, Van Gucht says
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As Belgium’s coronavirus curve has stagnated, things will now get better or worse, and it is up to us which one it will be, health officials said during a press conference on Friday.

“In recent weeks, we have all managed to lower [Belgium’s] coronavirus figures from the highest in Europe to one of the lowest in Europe,” said virologist and interfederal Covid-19 spokesperson Steven Van Gucht. “Unfortunately, however, the current plateau we have reached is too high and unsafe.”

“The curve will soon choose a side: downwards or upwards,” he said. “The cards are in our hands. It will now be a matter of perseverance. It is up to us.”

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Due to the cold and wet weather of the last two weeks, people spend more time inside, according to Van Gucht, who called on everyone to only meet with their one chosen close contact indoors.

“Clearly, this weather plays into the hands of the virus, which spreads much more easily indoors,” Van Gucht said, referring to the roughly 200 hospital admissions and 2,000 confirmed Covid-19 infections per day.

The coming winter months will be the hardest, Van Gucht said, stressing the importance of good ventilation in places where people gather, such as in the workplace.

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