De Lijn continues public transport strike through Thursday

De Lijn continues public transport strike through Thursday
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The union strike by Flemish public transport company De Lijn will continue on Wednesday and Thursday, unions ACV Public Services and ACOD TPM said on Tuesday evening.

That means there will still be disruptions in the company’s tram and bus services. However, more drivers are working than in the past two days in most places, according to De Lijn, which indicates on its website that 75 to 90% of trams and buses are operating.

Unions have been on strike since Monday to highlight problems with the technical service and to demand higher wages, without giving an end date for the strike, which they say depends on the management’s response.

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"Measures are being taken," ACV secretary Jo Van der Herten acknowledged, but the unions are not happy yet with the progress and want to continue negotiations.

"Striking now is totally irresponsible and unnecessary," said De Lijn's Director-General Roger Kesteloot, who denied that "nothing has been happening" in the technical service department and said that discussions are ongoing, adding that more are planned for after the Christmas holiday.

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