Marc Van Ranst discussed becoming Belgium’s Health Minister

Marc Van Ranst discussed becoming Belgium’s Health Minister
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Prominent Belgian virologist Marc Van Ranst has confirmed a longstanding rumour that he discussed becoming Minister of Public Health for the country.

Speaking to Humo magazine, Van Ranst confirmed that he talked with sp.a. chairman Conner Rousseau about the possibility of him serving as Minister of Public Health, a position which ultimately went to Frank Vandenbroucke.

Neither Van Ranst or Rousseau have offered much information on the discussion, but the recent comments at least confirm the two talked.

“I’ve learned not to exclude anything, and I certainly don’t feel that I couldn’t – I am that arrogant – but now I also see” what the job entails, Van Ranst explained.

“Politicians are taunted, insulted and spit out. I think it is a dangerous situation,” he explained. “I know smart people who would rather stick needles in their eyes than consider going into politics. That will not lead to better governance in the long run.”

The virologist, who says he is not a member of any political party, has been known for getting into political debates on Twitter, often siding with Belgium’s more left wing parties. “I’ve said it many times before: politics is too important to leave to politicians,” he told Humo.

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