Drivers warned confinement could leave their battery dead

Drivers warned confinement could leave their battery dead
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Drivers in Belgium have been warned that they could face problems starting their car on Monday morning as a result of the cold confined holiday period.

Temperatures have been cooler in recent days and the landscape has been nicely powdered. However, many cars were either stationary during the Christmas vacations or they did not drive much, which could have drained the batteries.

In order to avoid problems for drivers who will be back behind the wheel in the coming days, the VAB offers a few tips: “Avoid short journeys, preferably park your car in a garage, switch off energy-intensive devices such as the radio or navigation system when you start the engine, press the clutch and make short starting attempts”, suggests the mobility organisation.

In the event of battery failure, the use of jumper cables is not recommended. Not all electronics in a car can withstand sudden power surges.

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