Belgian bar stops boycotting US products now Trump is gone

Belgian bar stops boycotting US products now Trump is gone
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An Antwerp bar which made headlines worldwide after deciding to boycott all American products has announced that it will lift the ban now Donald Trump is no longer President.

In early 2017, Zeezicht café declared that it would stop selling all US products in protest of the appointment of Donald Trump as President. This meant four years of no Coca-Cola, American whiskey, Lay's crisps, Heinz sauces, or even (Coca-Cola owned) Chaudfontaine water.

"Now that Joe Biden is president, we are going to sell Coca-Cola and American cigarettes and whiskey again," David Joris, manager of the Zeezicht café, told Radio 2. "We had promised that and we are now going to reintroduce American products into our range."

This news means that - despite being effectively closed due to covid measures - the bar's take out option will be expanding. "We are going to sell American cigarettes again. It turned out to be not easy to find an alternative to tabasco and real Coca-Cola was irreplaceable."

This isn't the first time the bar has dipped into protest, which also refuses to sell beers by brewer giant AB-InBev after layoffs at Belgian breweries.

“We don’t have anything against Americans, or America or American products,” Joris told the Washington Post when the ban was first announced. “On the contrary. I like to drink Coca-Cola in the summers. I like Bob Dylan. I like working on Apple computers. It’s just our statement. It’s our way of reacting.”

Jules Johnston

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