Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine production back on track

Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine production back on track
Credit: Belga

After a limited delay in the production of vaccines, the Pfizer plant in the Belgian municipality of Puurs has returned to its normal production schedule, the company said on Wednesday.

Last week and at the beginning of the week, only 8% fewer doses were delivered compared to the initial schedule.

Pfizer had announced on 15 January that it would temporarily supply fewer doses of coronavirus vaccine due to adjustments in its production process at its Puurs plant. This delay was expected to have a limited impact for the week of 18 January (last week) and the beginning of the week of 25 January (this week).

"As we had announced, we have returned to our production schedule," spokesperson Marie-Lise Verschelden told the Belga press agency on Wednesday. "The impact has been minimal: we delivered 8% fewer doses than planned."

On 15 January, Pfizer's announcement made headlines because it would mean that Belgium would get 40,000 fewer doses that week than had been planned.

A day later, the number was adjusted, and Belgium was set to receive a total of 86,500 doses that week, which was only 7,000 fewer than planned.

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