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Melting snow expected in Belgium this weekend

Credit: Belga

Snow has already started to fall in parts of Belgium this weekend, but according to the latest information from the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI), it could cover the whole country by the end of the day – in one way or another.


For many, Saturday will start cloudy with rain in places, but with some melting snow or snow in the Kempen. Over the course of the day, colder air from the north will gradually spread over the country, leading to widespread snow, according to RMI reports.

Highs on Saturday morning lie between 1 degree in the northeast of the country and 6 degrees near the French border but will drop to 0 by the evening. There will be moderate winds inland and quite strongly at the coast.

Over the night from Saturday to Sunday, the snow zone is expected to move south. Temperatures are expected to stay cool, with lows between 4 and 6 degrees in the Ardennes, and between 1 and 4 degrees for the rest of the country.


Sunday starts sunny and cold with general frost, with ice expected in the east of the country. By the evening, it will start raining from the French border. The rain may be preceded by (melting) snow. Lows will be between 1 degree in the Ardennes heights and 3 to 4 degrees in Flanders.

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