Bpost asked to cut costs on vaccine invite letters

Bpost asked to cut costs on vaccine invite letters
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An easily overlooked logistical issue of everyone getting an invite to be vaccinated is who will pay for the postage – and how much will it cost?

Faced with this, Flemish Health Minister Wouter Beke has asked Federal Minister for Public Enterprise Petra De Sutter to enter into talks with postal service bpost to negotiate a preferential rate for letters of invitation for the population to be vaccinated, he told the Flemish Parliament on Tuesday.

Millions of postal invitations will be sent out in the coming months, so a reduced rate is asked for.

Old to Young

This information came alongside a confirmation by Beke that young people in Flanders will not be prioritized for the vaccine.

After the priority groups, the general population will be vaccinated from old to young, Beke confirmed in the Flemish Parliament on Tuesday.

Once all priority and vulnerable groups, such as healthcare workers, people over 65 and people with underlying conditions, have received a Covid-19 vaccine, it will be the general population’s turn. “This will be done from old to young,” Beke said.

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times

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