Heavy rain will make way for mostly dry Thursday and Friday

Heavy rain will make way for mostly dry Thursday and Friday
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Thursday and Friday are expected to remain mostly dry, while Belgium continues to face heavy rain on Wednesday, according to the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI).

Clear skies are possible on Wednesday morning in the northern part of Belgium, but the sky will quickly become overcast with moderate to heavy rain. Thunder may break out in places.

The day will be mild for the season, with maximum temperatures ranging from 7 to 12 degrees. However, gusts of wind can reach up to 80 kilometres per hour, or even a little more in the south of the country.

This evening, showers will still be possible, especially in the east and the south of Belgium, but the weather will dry up during the night.

The minimum temperatures will be between 2 and 5 degrees and the wind will somewhat diminish in intensity.

On Thursday, the day will start with large sunny periods in most parts of Belgium, though cloudiness will increase over the French border during the afternoon. Maximum temperatures are expected to range from 6 to 10 degrees.

Friday will be overcast but also mostly dry, with similar temperatures to Thursday (between 6 and 11 degrees).

Jason Spinks

The Brussels Times

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