Stonemanor closes for the weekend amid Brexit shortages

Stonemanor closes for the weekend amid Brexit shortages
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Belgium's British supermarket Stonemanor has announced that it will have to close both premises this coming weekend due to depleted stock levels caused by import issues.

This temporary measure comes as a result of issues in the supply chain for the stores, which have long served brits in Belgium everything from Irn-Bru and Dandelion and Burdock to frozen goods and toiletries they miss from home.

"Unfortunately due to the current stock levels in our stores we will be taking a short break this weekend, so both stores will be closed on the 6th & 7th of February. Everberg will reopen Tuesday the 9th at 10 AM, and S-G-Rode will reopen Monday the 8th at 10 AM," the announcement reads.

In an effort to ensure some deliveries, the store has looked for new ways to get products, which means they  "have more goods expecting to be dispatched from other sources in the coming weeks."

Thanks to a connection with a butcher in Ireland, sausages, bacon and black and white pudding will be back in the store as of 9 February.

This news follows a remarkably widespread cry in Brussels as many tried to get haggis - love it or hate it - in time for Burns night, but found supplies lacking.

The food industry is feeling the ripple effects of December 31, 2020. Export of products from the UK to several EU countries has dropped, with companies struggling with various logistic procedures, including the arrival of new export documents, longer delivery times as a result of stricter custom checks, and alterations to supply chains.

Jules Johnston and Lauren Walker

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