Flemish care staff to receive cheque of up to €300

Flemish care staff to receive cheque of up to €300
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Flemish care staff will receive a one-off cheque for up to €300 in the coming weeks, Flemish Welfare Minister Wouter Beke announced on Monday.

The Flemish government has given the go-ahead for this measure, at a cost of €33 million, in a push to increase the amount workers in this sector can spend.

This follows an agreement concluded last November with the social and non-profit sectors. The Flemish government has undertaken to make €577 million available each year, 412 of which will be used to increase the amount workers in these sectors can spend.

Employers and unions reached an agreement on this first part in December. In the private sector, this will take the form of, among other things, a consumption voucher. According to Beke, 105,000 people will receive their cheque by the end of March.

Translation: The implementation of the social agreement contains several steps, but the Flemish Government has already decided on the 1st one: 105,000 employees in the private sector will receive a consumption voucher of 300 euros before the end of March.

The amount workers will get will depend on their seniority and their working hours.

Jason Spinks
The Brussels Times

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