Belgian gritter goes viral after creative salt spreading

Belgian gritter goes viral after creative salt spreading
Credit: Screengrab Facebook/Mélanie Malczyk

As temperatures continue to sit below 0 degrees, a Belgian gritter has gone viral in the country for his novel approach to spreading salt when he wasn't able to get the proper tools.

Seemingly unable to get ahold of a gritter, the city worker instead took a light truck through the city, stopping to spread salt by hand across La Louvière.

According to Mayor Jacques Gobert, this was entirely the idea of the workers in question.

"Well-intentioned, but the man put himself in danger," said Gobert. "We would never have allowed such a practice. If the lorry had been involved in an accident, he might have suffered serious injuries," the mayor told Sudpresse.

According to HLN, Deputy Mayor Antonio Gava (PS) will meet with city authorities to investigate and explain the problem. "But I would like to remind you that this used to be the way to spread salt," he said.

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