Belgium's cultural sector protests for perspective

Belgium's cultural sector protests for perspective
Credit: Belga

Members of Belgium’s cultural sector are protesting on Saturday in a country-wide effort under the slogan “Still standing for culture.”

In Brussels, dozens of people gathered at Flagey in the commune of Ixelles following “a call for spontaneous or programmed actions, collective or individual, but above all lively and expressing the diversity of practices in the cultural field.”

“We are as essential as transport or hairdressers,” said one of the protesters at Flagey, adding that “culture is a human need.”

Nearly 300 actions are being carried out across the country, in 90 cities and villages, according to Bx1. Some 2,600 indicated on Facebook that they would be participating, and 3,600 marked themselves as interested.

The sector is asking for perspective as to when it can reopen, as well as for additional support measures.

Jason Spinks

The Brussels Times

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