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Brussels police crack down on reckless driving near Atomium

Credit: Amée Zoutberg / The Brussels Times

Three drivers lost their licenses and had their vehicles seized by police for reckless driving near the Atomium in Brussels over the weekend.

The first of the three “road pirates,” as reckless drivers are called in Dutch, was spotted by a police patrol on Saturday evening around 9:00 PM, reports Bruzz. The second two were cited just 15 minutes later.

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The drivers were said to have overtaken stopped traffic by passing on the right, driven at inappropriate speeds, driven with deliberate noise, and even drifted. Residents of the Heysel neighbourhood have complained often about street racing, or “rodeo riders.”

“At the request of the public prosecutor, the drivers licenses for the three drivers were confiscated for fifteen days,” police spokeswoman Ilse Van de. Keere told Bruzz.

Helen Lyons
The Brussels Times