Sunny but cold weekend ahead for Belgium

Sunny but cold weekend ahead for Belgium
Credit: Belga

A sunny but cold weekend lies ahead, according to a weather forecast by the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI).

The weather will remain dry on Friday. While central and southern Belgium will experience clouds in the morning, clear skies are expected in the rest of the country. As the hours go by, it will become sunny everywhere.

The maximum temperature will not exceed 2°C in the Ardennes or 7°C in the centre, however.

The sky will remain dry with large clearings in the evening. Minimum temperatures from -1°C at sea to -7°C in the Ardennes are expected.

On Saturday, after a cold night with generalised and locally moderate frosts, the day will be sunny with maximum temperatures of 3 to 5°C in the Ardennes and 6 or 7°C elsewhere.

On Sunday, after a cold morning, the weather will be dry and sunny in many places. However, in the north of the country one can expect fairly good cloudy fields.

Temperatures will rise to around 6°C in the centre.

While similar temperatures are expected for next week, current predictions show it will be more cloudy than in the coming few days.

Jason Spinks

The Brussels Times

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