Cheat Sheet: Belgium's timeline for relaxing coronavirus measures

Cheat Sheet: Belgium's timeline for relaxing coronavirus measures
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Belgium is officially relaxing some coronavirus fighting measures and giving perspective to several sectors, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo announced during a press conference on Friday.

Calling for caution, De Croo set out how the next few months could go - as long as the situation in Belgium stays under control, and the evolution of coronavirus infection rates and hospitalisations.

From 8 March:

  • Outdoor meetings of up to 10 people will be allowed, providing social distancing is obeyed, with a recommendation to wear face masks. This applies to gardens as well as public space.
  • Funerals can happen with up to 50 people (1 person per square metre)
  • Organised activities will be possible for children under 13 years old for up to 25 children outdoors, or maximum 10 children indoors.

From 15 March:

  • Students in higher education can once again follow classes in person for one day a week.
  • Vocational and special-needs education can resume in-person full time.
  • Both primary and secondary schools can organise extracurricular excursions, providing they last for just one day.

From April:

  • Religious services can be held outdoors with up to 50 people, wearing masks and respecting social distance.
  • Events can also be held outdoors with a maximum of 50 people, wearing masks and respecting social distance.
  • Organised activities, such as amateur sports, can resume with up to 10 people.
  • Amusement parks can reopen.

During Easter holidays (5-18 April):

  • Those aged up to 18 years old and under can attend activities and camps during the Easter holidays, as long as the group does not exceed 25 people.

After the Easter holidays (from 19 April):

  • The ban on non-essential travel will be lifted on 19 April. However, there will be an evaluation at the next Consultative Committee.
  • All secondary school students can go back to class full time.

From May:

  • If all goes well, the hospitality sector will be able to open from 1 May. Flanders will also increase its support measures for that sector.
  • This reopening will be under strict conditions, including rapid and self-tests
  • The details will be worked out in the coming period.
  • More relaxations for sports, youth, markets, culture, fitness, worship, and social contacts will also be made possible.

The next Consultative Committee will be on 26 March, at which point measures - including the travel ban - can be adjusted if necessary.

For the full explanation of the measures, click here.

Jules Johnston

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