Every adult in Flanders should receive a vaccine by 11 July, says Wouter Beke

Every adult in Flanders should receive a vaccine by 11 July, says Wouter Beke
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Flemish Public Health Minister Wouter Beke said that every person living in Flanders aged over 18 years old should receive a dose of a coronavirus vaccine by 11 July this year, providing everything goes to plan.

He emphasised that if the deliveries of the vaccines run smoothly, every adult in Flanders will receive at least one shot by this date, he said during the ‘De zevende dag’ program on Sunday.

“There is some perspective for when people in Flanders will receive their vaccine, but once again, this is under one important condition and that is the delivery schedule of these vaccines. If they are as promised, then we will be able to give all over -18s at least one dose,” Beke said.

“This is an important day but also an important ambition and we have organised ourselves and our vaccination centres to adhere to this goal,” Beke added.

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He explained that next week, there will be a rise in the number of vaccinations to be administered in Flanders, where around 130,000 to 140,000 will be given each week.

This figure will further increase in April to 290,000 vaccines per week, and in May it will reach half a million vaccines per week, he said.

He once again emphasised this would only be possible if the vaccines were actually in our country and had been delivered as promised.

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