Coronavirus: Iceland opens its doors to vaccinated travellers

Coronavirus: Iceland opens its doors to vaccinated travellers
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Iceland will let in all travellers with a Covid-19 vaccination certificate on Thursday without further checks, the health ministry said on Tuesday.

The measure, already in force since 20 January for visitors from the European Schengen area of free movement – of which Iceland, although not a member of the EU, is a part – will now be extended to all entrants “regardless of their origin,” the ministry said in a statement.

Vaccination certificates issued by Schengen countries or the ones issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO) under the name “yellow card” will be accepted.

“People presenting such certificates do not need to be tested or observe a quarantine period or present a negative PCR test during cross-border checks,” the government said.

All travellers who can also prove a completed Covid-19 infection with a positive test of more than 14 days will also escape entry restrictions, as has been the case since December for travellers in the Schengen area.

Iceland thus becomes one of the first European nations to open the Schengen external borders to third-country nationals.

Cyprus announced in early March that it would allow British citizens vaccinated against Covid-19 to enter without quarantine from 1 May.

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