Over 100 climate activists gathered in front of Prime Minister’s office

Over 100 climate activists gathered in front of Prime Minister’s office
Credit: Belga

Hundreds of young people gathered in front of the Prime Minister’s office in Brussels as part of the Youth for Climate movement on Friday to draw attention to the global crisis.

As part of a worldwide 'Fridays for future' movement, around 100 to 120 young people gathered on Rue de la Loi, according to an estimate of the Brussels-Ixelles police.

"Today, politicians are having an emergency meeting for the coronavirus crisis, so why not about the climate crisis?" said Lucie Morauw, member of Youth for Climate and ambassador of the Slow Fashion Challenge in Belgium.

In the crowd, banners and placards with messages including "Another world is possible" and "Climate Justice Now" were spotted, whilst other signs called for the protection of the Amazon forest.

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“We want to tell the Prime Minister, who met us a fortnight ago, that we will take up the challenge he gave us, namely to show him that citizens are ready to embark on a transition to a carbon-neutral society,” said Adelaïde Charlier, French-speaking coordinator of the Youth for Climate movement.

Similar strikes were taking place in around 700 other cities across 53 countries to call on their respective governments to take responsibility for the environment.

"We have sent a positive message full of hope for the world of tomorrow, while we are in the middle of a pandemic. I want to remember today all the enthusiasm that young people still show in the face of the enormous challenges of today,” said Charlier.

Following several speeches, the event ended shortly after 3:00 PM without any incidents.

Lauren Walker

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