Rapid Covid-19 tests can be sold in pharmacies in Belgium for self-testing

Rapid Covid-19 tests can be sold in pharmacies in Belgium for self-testing
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Rapid Covid-19 tests can now be sold in pharmacies in Belgium, following a new publication in the Belgian Official Journal which authorised the sales on Thursday.

The Royal Decree was issued by Federal Public Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke, implementing an article of the law dating back to 20 December last year on various measures relating to rapid tests, and sets out the conditions under which this is permitted.

"A pharmacist can deliver self-tests to people on the condition that the self-tests are intended for self-sampling and self-testing and are included in a list drawn up by the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAMHP),” the decree read.

This means that registered manufacturers, importers, or distributors must inform the FAMHP of the self-tests they make available in Belgium.

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It also states that the pharmacist must inform the customer about the use of the self-test and must notify the person that, in the event of a positive result he/she should contact a doctor. They should also only be available in pharmacies that are open to the public.

During last Friday’s Consultative Committee, Vandenbroucke had already announced a change in the rules to allow the sale of self-tests in pharmacies was on its way and added that he hoped the population would be able to buy these tests from mid-April.

The decree states that “it is vital for public health and for avoiding a resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic that the necessary measures concerning self-testing” can be taken in the “extraordinary crisis situation, namely the consequences of the crisis currently raging in Belgium.”

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