Brussels Airlines launches search for 250 'heroes of the pandemic'

Brussels Airlines launches search for 250 'heroes of the pandemic'
Credit: Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines has announced that it is looking for 250 "heroes" of the coronavirus pandemic in a new effort to thank those who "rolled up their sleeves and went above and beyond to help others."

"Whether it is someone who made a difference in the framework of a profession, someone who spent time volunteering or a friendly neighbour who helped with the grocery shopping; all stories are welcome and everyone can nominate a corona hero," the announcement reads.

Winners will receive a voucher worth €250 for a flight of their choice, the airline announced on Monday. The voucher can be used until 31 December 2021.

To launch the campaign the airline highlighted two such coronavirus heroes from within their own staff as part of a new social media campaign. These are:

Dominique Jacobs, who volunteers in a residential care centre:

and Nicola Bové, who has used his spare time to look after abandoned horses:

Potential corona heroes can be nominated via until 3 May. They will then be selected and contacted at the end of May.

Jules Johnston

The Brussels Times

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