No women hold senior civil service positions in Brussels

No women hold senior civil service positions in Brussels
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In Brussels, all senior civil service positions are filled by men, civil service minister for the city Sven Gatz has said in response to a parliamentary question.

Even in the lower management positions, female representation for the roles is low, however, this figure further decreases the higher the level of the position, according to a report by La Libre.

Only three women out of a total of nine staff members now hold an A5 position, and none of them hold positions in the next ranks (A6, A7, A10, and A11, in which every ‘grade’ is matched with a higher salary).

Of the 62 staff currently employed by the regional civil service in management positions (from grade A3 to grade A7), there are 28 women and 34 men.

In Belgium, only 35% of senior positions are held by women, according to the latest report of the Institute for Gender Equality.

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