Delhaize becomes Belhaize as part of shop local pledge

Delhaize becomes Belhaize as part of shop local pledge
Credit: Belhaize

The Belgian supermarket chain Delhaize has announced that it will change its name to Belhaize for the next month in an effort to draw attention to a pledge to put more Belgian products on the shelves.

In a press release sent on Tuesday, the supermarket said it aims to ensure that no less than 70% of the products sold in the store come from local producers.

This decision came in response to a noticeable rise in people wanting to shop local as a result of the coronavirus, with figures showing the purchase of Belgian products increased by 15% in 2020.

Products such as LocalTea - Belgian tea grown in Loenhout - will start cropping up on the shelves alongside new rebranded packages made to highlight the country.

"People often associate Belgian products with classics: chicory, apples, regional beers, biscuits, ... But often there are also surprising Belgian products that nobody expected to be produced by us," the press release adds.

The new range will include products from across the country ranging from fruit and veg to beer, with the only real stipulation being that the company can get sufficient supplies to stock all 763 Belgian shops.

There will also be allowances made for products that lack an appropriate Belgian version, such as exotic fruit and French wines, the company added.

Credit: Belhaize

"The 32,000 employees of Belhaize and I would like to thank our 1,600 Belgian producers for their passion, the excellent quality and the taste of their products that our customers can enjoy every day," explained Xavier Piesvaux, General Manager of Belhaize.

"We are proud of the cooperation we have established with each of them. Our ambition is to continue to increase the share of Belgian products on our shelves."

A total of 1600 Belgian producers will be in the spotlight, according to Belhaize.

Jules Johnston

The Brussels Times

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