‘Don’t fall into this trap’: De Croo warns people planning to attend ‘Boum 2’ today

‘Don’t fall into this trap’: De Croo warns people planning to attend ‘Boum 2’ today
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Prime Minister Alexander De Croo has warned people interested in going to the banned “La Boum 2” event in Brussels’ Bois de la Cambre on Saturday to “not fall into the trap”.

At the end of a press conference following the Council of Ministers, De Croo pointed out that “plenty of perspectives” will be given in the coming days.

“From 8 May onwards, many more outdoor activities can take place and larger events of up to 200 people can be held. And we see that the epidemiological situation is moving step by step in the right direction. I think that this solidarity should be maintained,” he said.

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He argued that this “type of event” is organised by people who aim to destabilise Belgium’s approach that has been “very reasonable and very calm compared to others”.

Federal Home Affairs Minister emphasised that no permission for the events has been given to or requested by the organisers,  even after procedures to allow test events were put in place on Monday.

“Personally, I would advise everyone not to go to the places where it is announced because we know today that the people who launched the joke of the Boum 1 are not the organisers of the Boum 2,” she added.

The city’s mayor Philippe Close had already said on Monday that the Bois de la Cambre will not be closed this weekend, but a preventive approach will be adopted, with the help of stewarding by police.

On Monday evening,  answered questions from opposition councillors on the past incident on 1 April and the prospect of a second event being organised.

On Thursday, Facebook announced it had blocked the event page for “La Boum 2,” after “consulting with the public prosecutor’s office.”

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