Belgium barks for Biden: patriotic dogs celebrate president's visit

Belgium barks for Biden: patriotic dogs celebrate president's visit
Credit: Democrats Abroad Belgium

A group of American ex-pats in Belgium celebrated President Joe Biden's visit to Belgium with a Covid-safe gathering in the heart of Brussels' European district, and they brought along their dogs.

The event, organised by the Democrats Abroad Belgium (DAB), held a socially distanced public rally at the Place du Luxembourg between 2:30-3:30 PM on Sunday, drawing attention to several causes central to the party, including Black Lives Matter, climate change, and women's rights.

One part of the event, Barks for Biden, saw members of the group showcasing their patriotically dressed dogs in honour of the presidential visit.

"We're relieved to have a grown-up back in the White House," Trip DuBard, newly elected Chair of DAB told The Brussels Times, "and want to celebrate President Biden returning America to climate sanity and recognising our longtime European friends and allies."

"It's also very exciting to have Belgium on his first transatlantic trip since taking office," DuBard said. "We're working with local officials to ensure that our first in-person event is safe and fun – in that order."
As part of his first international trip as the president, Biden visited England for the G7 summit. On Sunday evening, he will be landing in Belgium, where he will stay in Brussels from 13 to 15 June, during which he will be taking part in the NATO summit, meeting King Philippe and the leaders of the European Institutions. His visit will result in the closing off of several districts in the region and the disruption of traffic. His trip ends in Geneva, where he meets Russian President Vladimir Putin. The main purpose of the meeting, according to the White House, is to make relations between the two countries "more stable and predictable".

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