Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau visits Pfizer site in Puurs

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau visits Pfizer site in Puurs
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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the production site of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer in Puurs on Tuesday

The Canadian Prime Minister thanked employees of the site for sending the 10 million doses to Canada, as well as Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo for the cooperation between the two countries during the coronavirus crisis.

For Justin Trudeau, it was “a real pleasure” to visit the Puurs facility. “This plant, and Belgium, have done so much to get us through this crisis,” he said.

In Canada, as in Belgium, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is the most widely used vaccine. While the majority of vaccines for Canada now come from the American production plant in Michigan, the initial doses came from Belgium.

De Croo, who accompanied Trudeau on the tour took an opportunity to talk about Belgian-Canadian trade relations. “The conclusion of the CETA treaty in 2017 was very interesting for our two countries. Since then, trade has increased by 30%, especially between SMEs,” he said.

Trudeau will return to Canada on Tuesday evening after 2 weeks in Europe, and will quarantine in Ottawa, according to Canadian media.

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