Europe’s largest food market to open in Brussels

Europe’s largest food market to open in Brussels
Credit: Ab inbev

A brand new food market – created in part by brewery giant AB InBev – will open in the Brussels Gare Maritime area of Tour & Taxis in autumn this year.

The food space, which aims to be the largest in Europe, is offering space for “ten restaurants, cozy covered terraces and trendy food shops,” according to a press release.

“It will be an innovative culinary meeting place where everyone with a heart for tasty and healthy food can come and taste the richness of Belgian gastronomy,” it adds.

The hall – which was previously the largest freight station in Europe – will soon be home to various culinary delights from across Belgium. While the full lineup is yet to be found, two fixtures have already been announced.

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The Victoria flagship bar will sit in the middle of the Food Market and is inspired by the InBev Victoria beer. The second confirmed eatery will be a “Steak and burgers” concept, which will be run by chef Bart De Pooter.

“I am happy to take on this challenge. Chefs together, in a unique location with enthusiastic people, this will be a great experience for every foodie,” De Pooter said.

Local Focus

The Gare Maritime Food Market aims to inspire its visitors to focus on sustainability by using locally produced seasonal products, with a particular effort to make the concept Zero Waste.

“Our ambition goes further than a high-quality culinary concept. We also pay attention to our social impact and want to forge a bond with the Belgians, the inhabitants of Brussels and the surroundings of Tour & Taxis,” explained Pieter Anciaux, director Horeca at AB InBev Belgium.

“The Victoria Bar and the restaurants will mostly do their shopping locally. There will also be collaborations with food start-ups and farms in the area.”

Award-Winning Beginnings

To make this possible, InBev has partnered with real estate player Extensa, which is transforming Tour & Taxis into a progressive urban district, including the award-winning renovation of the Gare Maritime building.

“We embrace contemporary challenges and hurdles. And we expect the same from our allies. Together we are connected by the passion to pioneer, accelerate and activate. Not to let things run the way they always do. But to stimulate initiatives that have an impact,” said Kris Verhellen, CEO of Extensa.

The Food Market will be run by AB InBev, which is a first for the brewery giant.

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