Number of people infected at Dutch nightclub hits 189

Number of people infected at Dutch nightclub hits 189
Credit: Angie Linder/ Wikicommons

The number of people who contracted Covid after going out on Saturday to the Aspen Valley nightclub in Enschede, the Netherlands, now stands at 189 on Tuesday, up from 180 on Monday and 165 on Sunday, according to the Twente municipal health department (GGD).

Some 600 people were present at the facility on Saturday 26 June. “There may be a few more cases, but not many,” the GGD said, referring to the incubation period, which can be as long as 10 days.

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Other outbreaks of the coronavirus had already occurred in the Netherlands following nightclubs and parties. It seems that the access test system and the CoronaCheck application are not infallible. For example, some people in a nightclub reportedly sent the QR code of the application to their friends who were still outside to let them in.

Twenty-five mayors will meet on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning to discuss the issue.

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