Belgium in Brief: Rain, Rain, Rain

Belgium in Brief: Rain, Rain, Rain
Credit: Belga

In some parts of the country, the heavy rainfall today is mostly causing people to wish they were still in bed, but some provinces are experiencing real problems as a result of the flooding.

In the east of the country, a young man died, and in Liège, a 50-year-old man drowned in his cellar. In Luxembourg, a 15-year-old girl is still missing after she was swept away by the Ourthe river.

Additionally, fears that the Meuse river may completely flood over the course of today are growing - which would only cause more damage for nearby towns.

"Our country is currently hit by extreme rainfall. We sympathise deeply with all affected families and local authorities," said Prime Minister Alexander De Croo on Twitter.

He also stated that emergency services are being deployed across the country, and that Belgium can count on international assistance.

How is the situation where you are? Let @johnstonjules know. Or @maithechini, since she wrote it today.

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