Three men break through wall to rescue elderly woman from flooding home

Three men break through wall to rescue elderly woman from flooding home
Credit: TikTok Laura.962/screengrab

A video of three men entering a house and breaking through a wall to rescue a trapped elderly woman from her flooding home in the hard-hit town of Verviers in Liège is going viral on social media.

The footage, which has been circulating on social media since early Friday morning, shows one of the men entering the house by climbing up the drainpipe.

"Not all heroes wear capes," the caption on the video reads.

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To bring the woman to safety, the men break down part of the wall, and then carry her out through the hole they made, while the water reaches higher than their waist. Later in the video, the woman is shown lying in bed, under a thick blanket.

The video was made on Thursday 15 July in Verviers, and the men are only identified with their first names: Azédine, Omar and Raphaël, according to French-language news outlet 7sur7.

Verviers is one of the towns hardest hit by the storm in Belgium, with at least seven deaths, as a result of the floods on Friday afternoon, according to mayor Muriel Targnion.

In total, at least 20 people have died across Belgium, and another 20 are still missing, announced Interior Affairs Minister Annelies Verlinden during a press conference on Friday.

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