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Last newspaper kiosk in Brussels city centre set to close

The last newspaper kiosk in the City of Brussels. Credit: Lauren Walker/ The Brussels Times

The last newspaper kiosk in the City of Brussels, located on Avenue de la Toison d’Or near the Louise roundabout, is set to be demolished as a result of the complete renovation of the shopping street.

Brussels Mobility is planning a complete overhaul of the area, together with Boulevard de Waterloo, which will involve the street being demolished from shop façade to façade.

The aim of the project is to create a more open space to encourage people passing by to shop or to visit the restaurants to stay for longer by making the area more attractive.

The plans for the revised Avenue de la Toison d’Or. Credit: Brussels Mobility

As part of the complete overhaul, the pavements will be altered with new lighting systems, car, bicycle and pedestrian traffic will be reorganised, and various plants will be placed.

A large esplanade will be created around the roundabout, near where the current kiosk stands. However, a new permit must be requested for another one to be located here, according to reports from Bruzz. 

Around the time of Expo 58, there were around 52 newspaper kiosks across the region, but since then, most have closed up shop either because they were forced to due to renovations, or because they went out of business, making this the last one standing.