Crowdfunding launched for dogs to protect sheep from wolves

Crowdfunding launched for dogs to protect sheep from wolves
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In the wake of an attack by wolves on a shepherd's flock, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched in Flanders to raise funds to buy dogs to protect sheep from future attacks.

On Tuesday, Welkom Wolf - part of the Flemish nature conservation organisation Landschap vzw, launched a crowdfunding campaign to acquire dogs for a sheep farmer whose animals have been attacked by wolves. The dogs should protect the flock from further attacks.

Last week, wolves attacked sheep on the military estate of Helchteren in the Limburg province. The incident occurred when the sheepdog was poisoned. According to Welkom Wolf, the poison was "clearly intended for wolves". But in the absence of the dog, the wolves hunted the unprotected sheep.

"It's all the more unfortunate as this family business is an example of how shepherds can cope with the presence of wolves. This company has already made great efforts to this end and deserves our support," emphasised Jan Loos of Welkom Wolf in a press release.

As a result, Landschap vzw and Welkom Wolf want to help the shepherd by replacing his sheepdog and adding other dogs, including Spanish mastiffs. "If not, the situation on the Limburg military estate will quickly escalate - something we wish to avoid that at all costs."

In addition to electric fences, dogs are the most important preventive measure against wolf attacks, although they are usually reserved for large-scale livestock farmers.

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