Hot air balloon crashes into trees near Charleroi

Hot air balloon crashes into trees near Charleroi
Credit: Canva

A hot-air balloon carrying 16 people crashed into a tree in Loverval, south-east of Charleroi, after being blown off course.

The incident happened on Thursday evening after the balloon took off from Cerfontaine to fly over the Gerpinnes region, reports La Nouvelle Gazette (Sudpresse).

According to the newspaper, bad weather conditions saw the balloon buffeted by strong gusts of wind before it finally was caught in trees in a field in Loverval, with the canvas hanging from the branches and the basket suspended high above the ground.

The fire brigade for the Hainaut-Est emergency zone arrived on the scene, along with local police.

According to La Nouvelle Gazette, no one was injured in the accident.

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