Wednesday highs of 24°C and a warmer week ahead

Wednesday highs of 24°C and a warmer week ahead
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After an abnormally wet start to the month, Wednesday sees a return to better weather with temperatures rising between 19 and 24°C and remaining mostly dry throughout the week.

The day started with localised patches of sometimes thick mist which are due to clear, giving way to a calm and generally dry day, the Royal Meteorological Institution (IRM) forecasts.

Wednesday night will be mainly clement though with a chance of lightning in some regions. Overnight temperatures will descend to 9°C in the Ardennes and 13°C in the central regions.

Thursday morning will see mist and fog in some areas that will soon clear after daybreak, giving way to a sunny morning with occasional high clouds. These will gather over the day but showers are unlikely and by evening clear skies are predicted again. Temperatures will rise to a maximum of 22-28°C depending on the region with a light wind in the south of the country. The coast will experience a gentle ocean breeze.

Friday will be dry for the most part with clear skies and occasional cloud cover. The evening will be clear. Temperatures will rise to between 20 and 24°C with a moderate westerly wind.

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