Anderlecht offers vaccination and Covid kits at Social Welfare Centre

Anderlecht offers vaccination and Covid kits at Social Welfare Centre
The vaccination corner at the Social Welfare Centre. Credit: Anderlecht commune

Users of the Public Centre for Social Welfare (CPAS) in Anderlecht can receive a coronavirus vaccine at the centre’s reception as part of the municipality’s Covid-19 awareness campaign.

As part of the awareness campaign, organised by CPAS and Brussels’ Common Community Commission (Cocom) everyone on benefits through the social welfare system will temporarily be able to get vaccinated without making an appointment, as well as a free Covid-19 kits, which contain a mask, gel and a leaflet on why to respect measures.

Around 300 people who are on benefits visit the CPAS reception in the municipality, around 1,500 per week. The campaign aims to reduce health inequalities, especially those linked to the current coronavirus crisis, within this more vulnerable group, whilst facilitating a more easy access to the vaccine.

On Wednesday, the first day of this initiative, 35 people were vaccinated at the centre on Avenue R. Vander Bruggen in Anderlecht after being informed about the dose.

On 20, 21 and 22 September, the vaccination pop-up will be open between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. The City of Brussels and Schaerbeek CPAS have launched similar initiatives on weekdays.

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Out of all the regions, Brussels has the lowest vaccination rate in Belgium, as just 51% of all citizens are vaccinated, in comparison with 78% in Flanders and 67% in Wallonia.

This is, in part, due to the fact that many people in Brussels don’t have regular access to a general practicioner, of whom it is known they can play a big role in informing people about the vaccine, as well as convincing doubters to consider getting vaccinated.

“Around 30-40% don’t have access to standardised healthcare, and many of them have no regular internet access, which makes it very difficult to inform these groups about why they should get vaccinated,” Inge Neven from the Brussels Health Inspectorate told the Brussels Times.

By raising awareness and bringing vaccine opportunities to these groups of people in places where they would usually come, including weekly open-air markets, but also at large chain stores including IKEA, Primark and Action, Brussels is hoping to increase it vaccination rate.

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