No jail time for man who assaulted five police officers

No jail time for man who assaulted five police officers
Photo by Helen Lyons/The Brussels Times

The man who injured five policemen in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean on Monday will be placed under electronic surveillance with an ankle bracelet instead of serving time in jail, the Brussels public prosecutor confirmed on Wednesday.

The man, identified as Karim K., is being charged with assault and battery with work incapacity towards police officers, unarmed resistance and making threats.

The incident occurred on Monday morning, at around 10:00 AM, on the corner of the Chaussée de Gand and Rue Alphonse Vandenpeereboom in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean.

An officer on a motorcycle went to check the man’s vehicle because he had committed a traffic violation.

During the traffic check, it appeared that the vehicle’s documents were not in order, which led the officer to begin the process of impounding the vehicle.

Karim K. resisted and the police officer requested assistance from other teams, but then K. attacked the officer using a car jack.

An anti-robbery squad that came to the rescue was finally able to intercept the man on the Gentsesteenweg.

Three policemen were taken to hospital with substantial injuries, but were able to leave the hospital after being treated.

Two other policemen were only slightly injured, but all five policemen are considered temporarily unable for work.

“The investigation into the facts is now continuing,” said the Brussels public prosecutor, adding that will include analysing the images from surveillance cameras in the area.

Karim K. meanwhile has to appear before the Brussels chambers within five days, where they’ll rule on whether or not to confirm the house arrest.

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