Brussels Mobility wants to know how you feel (about travel)

Brussels Mobility wants to know how you feel (about travel)
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A new barometer by Brussels Mobility wants your opinions on mobility throughout the capital region to better understand how people feel about the services provided.

All people aged 16 or over who live or regularly travel in Brussels are invited to complete the questionnaire by 31 October.

The survey aims to question as many people as possible on topics including:

  • Design of pavements and public squares (width, road surface, signalling, etc.),
  • The frequency of public transport,
  • How safe people feel regarding the risk of accidents,
  • Travel time.

“We need the feedback to monitor these changes and to align our policy as closely as possible with the objectives of our regional mobility plan Good Move,” commented Minister for Mobility Elke Van den Brandt. “Together we can make Brussels a greener, smoother and more pleasant city.”

Once completed, the results will be used to develop an idea of the prevailing public opinion. The answers will be processed for statistical purposes only.

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