New beer mixing barrel-aged with tripel hits Belgium

New beer mixing barrel-aged with tripel hits Belgium
Credit: Walter Vermeir

What do you get when you blend a Belgian triple with a beer matured in oak barrels for two years?

That’s precisely the question Belgian brewery Rodenbach set out to answer with its new beer launched to celebrate its 200th anniversary this year, Belga News Agency reports.

This beer follows from the more well known Rodenbach (5.2% vol. alc.), a typical example of the “Flanders red-brown” style resulting from a mixture of 75% young beer and 25% beer matured in oak barrels for two years.

The new arrival, Rodenbach Red Tripel (8.2%), uses the same blending technique, combining triple with a beer that has matured for two years. Brewmaster Rudi Ghequire and his team have developed a product for lovers of strong beers without losing what makes Rodenbach unique.

“The sweet and sour freshness of Rodenbach makes it a refreshing, complex and easy-drinking triple that plays on all palates,” explains Ghequire.

The name, Tripel, denotes a beer of high fermentation, high alcohol content, and that is malty and hoppy.

So what can you drink it with?

Whilst Rodenbach says that its classic beer isn’t out of place on a coastal terrace with tomatoes and shrimps, reports assert that the triple should be paired with the sweet-salty notes of a bouillabaisse.

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