Photos: Lion cub born at Pairi Daiza zoo

Photos: Lion cub born at Pairi Daiza zoo
Credit: Pairi Daiza

Belgium's Pairi Daiza zoo welcomed a new lion cub at the end of last month, the Wallonia zoo announced on Facebook on Tuesday.

Born 23 September to parents Kira (11 years old) and Kenya (8 years old), the African Lion cub Kimbo (male) is said to be doing well.

Once found in many locations across the world, African Lions now only live in the wild in Africa and a small population in the National Park of Gir, in North-West India.

The cub is staying close to his mother for now and is expected to explore his enclosure in a few weeks and join his growing family at the zoo, also home to his grandparents Dany and Dana.

"After 110 days of gestation, the lioness gives birth to a litter of 1 to 4 lion cubs, which she initially raises away from the group in order to protect them, particularly from their father," the zoo explained. "Then she gradually integrates them into the pride when they reach the age of two months."

Kimbo isn't the only lion born in Belgium this year. In June, three lion cubs were born in ZOO Antwerpen, who will be essential for the survival of the West and Central African lions, currently listed as critically endangered species.

The birth of these cubs marks the first time in almost ten years that a cub has been born at the zoo and is part of a breeding programme in cooperation with the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) to save the West and Central African lions from extinction.

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