Warning letter to be sent before driving licence expires

Warning letter to be sent before driving licence expires
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Anyone with a digital driving licence that is soon set to expire will receive a letter from the federal government before the validity period ends.

In Belgium, the bank card model driving licence has a 10-year validity period, something many people are unaware of, which is why the government has set aside €300,000 to alert people in advance, mobility minister Georges Gilkinet’s cabinet confirmed to The Brussels Times.

The letter will notify digital driving licence holders that are about to expire that it is “necessary to renew the driving licence.”

Previously, the paper document driving licences used in Belgium were valid for life.

However, following the introduction of the digital licences, the Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities (VVSG) pleaded for warning letters to be sent, as municipalities found that many of their residents were unaware that licences could now expire.

This led to people being checked by the police or getting into an accident and providing an expired licence without realising it was no longer valid.

When asked about introducing such a warning letter in May, the government responded to the VVSG that it was the driver’s responsibility to check the validity of licences, however, that is now being reversed.

Soon, it will also become possible for people to apply for or renew an A, B, C and D driving licence online.

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