New fraudulent e-mails circulating in Belgium

New fraudulent e-mails circulating in Belgium
Credit: PxHere

A warning has been put out about new phishing e-mails that have been circulating since last Saturday and are sent from what could appear to be an official e-mail address.

Cybercriminals are using the address to send fraudulent e-mails.

"These recent phishing emails are particularly convincing and therefore all the more dangerous," the government notice read. "We, therefore, ask you to be extra careful when opening links in messages."

In official government e-mails, people are always addressed personally with their name ("Dear Sir/Madam" followed by your first name and surname), and not with "Dear Sir/Madam" or "Dear citizen," as is done in the phishing e-mails.

If the e-mail contains instructions to share bank details or other sensitive user data, people are strongly advised not to do so, as this indicates the e-mail is fraudulent.

"If you have received an e-mail that you are not sure about, we invite you to go to and open the application via the link "Open My e-Box" on the home page. If there is no new message for you, the email you just received is a phishing attempt," the government statement read.

Most recently reported cases of such phishing e-mails included a Dutch-language notification from My e-Box that a new tax return form from the Federal Public  Service Finance would be available.

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