Holy water and prayers must restore altar in Flemish church after sex video

Holy water and prayers must restore altar in Flemish church after sex video
Credit: Belga

The altar at the Sint-Michiel church in the municipality of Bree, in the Limburg province, was sprinkled with holy water this weekend to restore the church to its former glory after a sex video was recorded there.

Last week, the Limburg police opened an investigation into an explicit video, which showed a man and a woman having sex on the church's altar, that was circulating on social media.

"From our church, intimacy was made public and put up for grabs in the media," Dean Jaak Janssen said on local radio on Sunday. "In this way, the meaning of the church building and the altar were wronged. The place of honour to God was profaned. Many people are shocked."

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At the suggestion of churchgoers and the diocese, a prayer was said, and the altar was sprinkled with holy water, in order to restore the true purpose of the church building.

In the meantime, the couple in the video have been identified and questioned by the police, according to reports in local media.

The police had issued a double official report: for public indecency as well as for the distribution of pornographic material. Both suspects admitted to the facts and were already brought before the magistrate.

The magistrate found them guilty and imposed measures on them: they have to follow a training course that makes them think about their actions and their impact.

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