Petrol prices drop tomorrow, but stay high

Petrol prices drop tomorrow, but stay high
Credit: Pexels

The maximum price of petrol in Belgium will be reduced tomorrow, according to the latest figures from the Federal Public Service Economy.

For 95 petrol (E10) prices will fall by 6.7 cents per litre, hitting a maximum of €1.73/ litre. Belga News Agency reports that the maximum cost for 98 petrol will drop by only 3.5 cents to €1.796 per litre.

The price adjustments are caused by fluctuations in the price of oil products and bio components on the international markets.

The maximum price for diesel already fell last week and now remains unchanged at €1.754 per litre. Despite the decreases, fuel prices remain high.

Despite the drop, 95 petrol is still 30% more expensive than a year ago.

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