Cheat Sheet: New Rules, Quiet December Nights

Cheat Sheet: New Rules, Quiet December Nights
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It's been a while since we've had measures complicated enough to deserve a cheat sheet, but less than a week after Belgium rolled out new measures, here we are. 

So, from stricter rules for hospitality to a lack of bubbles, here are the latest rules for Belgium.

No bubbles: there will be no rules on having people in your home, or how many people you see.

Events are a bit complicated

Home parties are ok: things like home Christmas parties can go ahead. Using self-tests when hosting guests in private residences is encouraged.

Unless you get a caterer: when a professional caterer is involved, the same conditions as in the hospitality industry apply.

No private parties: that means no renting a space to have your event...

... Unless it's a wedding or funeral: for these, a mask and Covid Safe Ticket will be required from 50 people inside or 100 people outside.

Hospitality: a new closing time of 11:00 PM will be in place for 3 weeks for bars and restaurants.  The maximum number of people at a table in bars or restaurants will be limited to six unless it concerns a bigger household.

Night shops close early: just like the hospitality sector, they close at 11:00 PM

Clubs fall quiet: from Saturday, nightclubs, discos and dance halls have to close again. “It is a very difficult message,” De Croo said, adding that there will also be a support package.

The Government will help: those who have to close will receive support from the Government. "We are not going to let anyone down," says De Croo.

Masks stay mandatory: vaccinated or not, masks remain mandatory for everyone from 10 years old.

Play on: sports can go ahead, but no audience is allowed indoors.

Please take your seats: from Monday, all other indoor activities will only be allowed when the audience is seated.

Belgium begins boosting boosters: Belgium's booster shots will be administered more quickly. How that will happen is yet to be decided.

Telework: Belgium will extend the requirement for 4 days a week of teleworking to 19 December. From 20 December, it will drop to 3 days.

These measures will be next evaluated on 15 December. For the full coverage of the new rules, and more in-depth information, see here.

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