Warnings issued for slippery roads across Belgium

Warnings issued for slippery roads across Belgium
Roads risk becoming slippery across Belgium. Credit: Belga

Drivers have been asked to watch out for slippery roads from Saturday afternoon until Sunday evening, as snow and cold temperatures are expected across Belgium.

From Saturday 27 November around 5:00 PM until 10:00 PM on Sunday 28 November, icy patches could start appearing on the roads, according to Belgium’s Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI).

“From tonight (Saturday) until Sunday evening, watch out for slippery roads for various reasons. Some frost or ice patches may form tonight and Sunday morning,” the RMI said in a statement on its website.

The warnings for slippery roads apply throughout the country except near the coast. The RMI added that snowfall is expected to continue in the south, particularly in the provinces of Hainaut and Luxembourg, while rain and possibly (melting) snow will enter the country from the coast.

“Tonight: wintry precipitation may fall across the western part of the country, while tonight and overnight, snowfall on the mountains in the Ardennes could add an existing 1 to 2 cm on top of the existing snow cover, with an additional 3 cm expected on Sunday.”

Temperatures will drop to -6°C on the high plateau of the Ardennes, -2°C in the Kempen, around freezing point in the centre of the country and +4°C near the coast.

On Sunday, showers of rain, hail or melting snow can be expected across the country, while the coastline may see some thunderstorms.

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